Diane Irvine - Alberni Outpost
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Kayak: Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Angler

About Diane Irvine

My fishing story started in childhood but has become one of my favourite pastimes in the last few years. Growing up, two of my favourite weeks of the year was the short time my sister and I got to spend up at Bridge Lake in a small log cabin with our Grandma and lots of our extended family. Fishing was my Grandfather and Uncle’s passion that I didn’t quite get until I finally got my first rainbow in my hands. Learning to clean it and realizing we got to have it for dinner was the final straw for me. Cooking your own self-caught food over a campfire never gets old!

Since then I have learnt to be a much better angler and absolutely love any type of fishing – so kayak angling is the next chapter. Being that close to the water makes fighting your fish that much more exciting. My first time kayak fishing was through Alberni Outpost on a local lake I had fished a hundred times before – but it completely changed the experience! I love how close you are to the water – and the ability to access the smallest and weediest areas of the lake in pursuit of your favourite fish. For years I have been attending the Father’s Day derby at Quennell Lake fishing for smallmouth bass and can’t wait to try new derbies this year.

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